Sunday, November 7

Red & Yellow Harms a Fellow

Model: Jenna Williams
Make-Up/ Hair Stylist: Maria Rivaldo

Shooting with a knot in my arm and my brain. I’m fried by the quarter and the cold.
“Red and Yellow Harms a Fellow” was the inspiration. Pictures of the project soon.


Well, It's About Damn Time

Announcing the merging of all my blogs to tumblr.

Not a switch over...just doubling up. I apologize to people that follow me on this blogspot, this blogspot, and tumblr.


Saturday, November 6

Jenny G's Wedding

Photos from Kristie Comins
This is what happened on Saturday, November 6, 2010. Miss Glanton is now Mrs. Jenny LaFlam (:
(and I guess I ended up with semi-decent picture with Michael)


Friday, November 5

Reporter Behind-the-Scenes: "Stress"

Gabi Ripka (model)
Joanna Eberts (collaborating Illustrator/partner in crime)
Jena Buckwell (Art Director)
Next week’s Reporter is called the “Stress Issue” for the most obvious reason.
Please note the awesome teamwork involved in something that may have had Campus Security and the rest of the other after-hours peeps question what exactly happened in studio 9.


Wednesday, October 27

Sunday, October 24

Oh the Damn Horror

This is an outtake for the upcoming October 29 issue for the Reporter. I rarely put outtakes of reporter shoots, but this would probably be another exception. It might end up in my portfolio depending on how the layout looks like.


Let Them Eat Carrot Cake

This wasn't our shoot, but Sarah Sugarman and I were in love with this mini cake that was visually drowning on this plate. Hooray for photo-styling team work and faking a strawberry cake from a store-bought Wegman's carrot cake.
Collaboration will be up on }this blog{ next week or so.